Winnowing gold to save some bronze

We are quite sure that everyone has heard the ol’ wheat-n-chaff cliché. That’s the one about distinguishing the wanted from the unwanted, the valuable from the relatively valueless.

That phrase comes from the simple agricultural practice of exposing wheat to the wind so that the chaff blew away and the grains remained. It was a process called ‘winnowing’ and it has been around for thousands of years.

When the wind wasn’t up to the task, enterprising wheat farmers would take oar-like fans to create an artificial breeze to expedite the winnowing process. Having your workday over swiftly back in 300 BC meant more free time to throw rocks or contemplate why the sun and moon always fight for dominion of the sky.

Flash forward to 2009 as we see the metaphorical version of winnowing going on in the workplace. Boardroom farmers are putting the employees into a pile and waiting for the forcasting winds to tell them what employees will need to be blown out of the payroll. The problem is, the forecast has been so bleak that these farmers are all taking up oars and beating the crap out of anyone that is popping their heads out of the pile for air.

That kind of environment is not at all healthy for anyone.

So, with all of the insane oar-poundings going on, we at Bauer Graphics thought it was time to reinvigorate our super-happy-funtime-blog. Many of you may remember the blog from back in 2005, and had always asked where it had gone. Well, it didn’t go anywhere, we had just turned it into an internal resource for our designers to get tips and ideas on how to better their craft.

We are now about to re-launch this bad boy to the general public and hope that we can put some smiles on some faces to get people through the day.

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