1976: The year I had swine flu, the chicken pox and the FONZ!

Things were so much simpler…and scarier then.

In 1976 was the same age my daughter is now (to all you algebra majors out there, this means “NEAL = OLD”). While this commercial would scare the my kids to death, it is no scarier than them seeing 800 promos on PBS for the looming global pandemic in between shows like Word Girl and Martha Speaks.

So, I had them take a test to see if they had the swine flu. It is a very easy test and just takes a few seconds. All you have to do is click the button to see if you have it. This test right now is 99.9999% accurate as of this post and is touted as the most realistic Swine Flu test on the web today.

Take the test here – Do you have Swine Flu?

Good luck…I hope you pass.

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