How to Manage Client Relationships in Perilous Times

Our resident Traffic Manager and Twitter-er, Tori sent us this fantastic article from Advertising Age this morning called, “How to Manage Client Relationships in Perilous Times.”

No! No! No! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

The article deals with thinning profit margins and their direct correlation to patience. When people fear for their jobs, they can quickly forget the true value of the relationships they have with those that serve them. While we haven’t been entirely in this position of conflict and confrontation, I do agree that many of our marketing managers and producers are unsure about getting things done in these times (see my post from April entitled ‘Winnowing Gold”).

Let me assure you all that Bauer Graphics is here working in the same capacity as always; to help you make things happen. Continue to put your trust us and we’ll continue to deliver!

Have a great weekend everyone and remember, no matter how stressed out you get, you should always feel pretty, oh so pretty…

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