The most dynamic public speaker of our generation and why you shouldn’t trust 80% of the press

This week, John Hodgman spoke at the White House Radio & TV Correspondent’s dinner and he, in my opinion, was simply brilliant. He spoke with intelligence, understanding and with an attitude of “you either get what I am saying or you don’t.”

John manages to bring up Revenge of the Nerds, Dune, Superman, Lord of the Rings and Star Trek (to name a few) in front of the President of the United States. From a nerd-core standpoint, one would be absolutely giddy with the fact the President is understanding what John is saying. But it is the way John wraps this speech up which is the most stunning. I don’t want to ruin it for all of you so please just watch it (and yes, it loses its impact if you zip straight to the end missing the crux of the speech).

I have watched this video countless times already, but what is most alarming to me each time through was the cluelessness and lack of comprehension from the press. It was like John was speaking in (or “to”) a vacuum and when the camera turns to the audience, the look on the faces of the press is of complete disinterest or confusion (see image below)

“Does anyone know where the food is? We were promised food.”

In this video, it would appear the press corps have actually no interest in what John Hodgman is saying and that is a shame. The reaction John gets is almost equal to one of his counterparts a few years ago ( If you can’t grasp the concepts that are being presented here, or if you cannot remain engaged in what one of the more exciting presenters at the event are saying, shouldn’t you be somewhere else? I have always been to that when it comes to meetings or presentations, you should never be the smartest person in the room. That is because if you aren’t able to learn anything, why in the world would you waste your time attending?

I really think that the best news out there is coming from the likes of satirists like The Onion and The Daily Show these days and that is probably because I am, at my core, a nerd. Watch this speech and know that why we might not always agree, I have been, and always shall be your friend.

Live long and prosper
  1. britintheus Reply

    GREAT speech! Seriously.
    I love Hodgman immensely. Love him on the Daily Show, and I am amazed this speech hasn’t gotten more airtime on YouTube etc.
    I loved his bit about the Hamm Radio Operators. He insulted them and they didn’t even notice!
    He did such a great job with it, and I like that at the end he tied it all together by being serious.
    Not sure I am 100% with you on the press corp thing. I think most of these dinners are BS, and if the prez wasn’t there, none of them would be either. They’re bored, and any camera time is good time.
    Good blig man. Keep them coming…more frequently.

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