July – The month of tech failure

Last week we received an update from our personal hosting provider (not business hosting, those are on dedicated servers) stating that their servers had been “compromised” and a “number of customer accounts” were “deleted” (Editor’s note: I have put all those words in quotes as to paraphrase the email from our provider and eliminate paragraphs of tech-jargon stating the same thing).

If that weren’t enough, AT&T has just been called out by TechCrunch.com for something that we had no idea was going on.

Apparently, for the past few weeks, AT&T’s visual voicemail system has been down for many users. What does this mean? According to the article, “Thousands, or hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of missed connections, that could be vital for personal lives, business and a host of other things.”

So, if you have called Bauer Graphics or any of its employees since the start of July and haven’t received a call back, you have your answer. Because of this unknown issue (AT&T never contacted us regarding this), we will actively take steps to change our office line service to another phone company. We will send everyone out on our contact list an email update as to what our new number will be before the end of the month.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our clients, friends and family.

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