Destination PlayStation

Here we are at the 11th annual Destination PlayStation event, hosted by Sony Computer Entertainment America.


We are in the picturesque Sonoran Desert but it is a bit colder than you would expect. I’m not complaining as this desert could do with some rain and, plus, it makes walking the floor at the expo a little less muggy.

We are here for a week’s worth of meetings and planning for the next phase of Bauer Graphics and to talk all things Sony. It was a toss up for which show I would be attending (DPS or GDC) but I figured that I’d be hitting those same folks up at E3 this year so Destination Playstation won out. Plus, how can you compete with the luxurious Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort? Come on!


Looking forward to bringing back some key partnerships this year and to start working with more companies in the game industry.