Bauer Graphics and the RGCA (Retail Gift Card Association)

This month Bauer Graphics celebrates our third years as an Affinity Partner to the Retail Gift Card Association (RGCA). While you may not have heard of the RGCA outside of this blog post, chances are you are carrying around a piece of the RCGA in your wallet or purse right now.

The RGCA is the premiere trade association that defines the code of principals that gift card retailers use to promote, protect and grow the use of Gift Cards. This member association is comprised of retailers, restaurants, experential and travel-and-entertainment merchants who issue closed-loop gift cards in North America and whose primary revenue is not derived from gift cards. Current RGCA members include:

Retail Gift Card Vendor List

You can begin to see why this is kind of a big deal

The RGCA acts as a catalyst for the education, communication, and is committed to the growth and preservation of the closed loop, stored value industry. Focused on consumer-centered policies and procedures the RGCA works to engage with consumers, interest groups, and media to work on solutions to challenges that face the stored value industry and to ensure optimal customer experiences with member products and services.

As an Affinity Partner to the RGCA, Bauer Graphics has the unique opportunity to engage and participate in most events and projects organized by the RGCA which is why being a partner is a big deal for both Bauer Graphics and our gift card clients.