In Memoriam: Dean Wiest

One of our favorite print vendors, Dean Wiest, unexpectedly passed away on the afternoon of March 24, of a heart attack. 48-year-old Dean Wiest, a resident of the St. Johns area, was the proprietor of Wholesale Printing USA, and listed his occupation as “Printing. Running. Printing. Running”.  He considered himself primarily a graphic designer, who also provided printing and reprographic services.

Dean doing a “press check” – making sure a printing job meets his high expectations for a clientProfessional business photo

Born in Brandon, Iowa, Wiest made the decision to pack up his bags about 25 years ago to move out to in Portland, Oregon. Dean was always moving in both his work and personal life traveling to Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Africa (to name a few). In early 2012,

This family photo shows Dean Wiest doing one of the things he enjoyed the most – hiking in the Pacific Northwest.

Dean also ran in, and completed, the Portland Marathon, the Shamrock Run, and other at least six other marathon events. He was also the only American to run 54 miles across the county of Qatar.

Dean was a kind, dependable and talented man that Bauer Graphics has depended on (in multiple capacities) for more than five years. As of last week, Michael Carlson, of Portland Badge, is taking over Dean’s business.

On April 17, from 6:30 until 8:30, a “Celebration of Life” at Noho’s Hawaiian Cafe, at 4627 NE Fremont Street. Bauer Graphics will be in attendance and we open the invite to any of our clients to attend as well (it’s open to the public).

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