Inc. Magazine interviews Bauer Graphics CEO, Heather Bauer

In the summer of 2016, Bauer Graphics was approached by Inc. Magazine to do a piece on how our Bauer Graphics’ design studio is currently leveraging technology to support our clients and streamline our internal processes.

Our CEO and Creative Director, Heather Bauer, took point during this interview and shared that, “Technology is what drives our entire process.  Along with staying on top of multiple creative suite programs for design and digital work, our technology solutions allow our teams [and projects] accessible across both desktop and mobile applications.”

The interview lasted for over hour where we covered everything from how we capture analytics to creating our own project management system to our recent focus on independent game developers.   Unfortunately, many of the finite details for these initiatives wound up on the cutting room floor but the crux of the conversation is that “technology has been, and ever will be, a part of our business here at Bauer.”


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You can also check out the article in its entirety over on or by clicking the above image.

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