We Are Bauer Graphics

Bauer Graphics was founded in 2003 with the vision of developing a creatively-led, full-service design studio that offers an alternative to the high-priced creative agencies. What divides Bauer Graphics from our competition are both the efforts we provide on behalf of our clients coupled with our three core principles of creating powerful designs:

Recognizing your Brand’s Individuality

Through branding to content creation to advertising to campaigns to creative strategy to packaging and support Bauer Graphics is all about building, developing and growing your brand’s distinctly unique story.

Clarity of Message

From Sports Marketing to Gift Cards to Videogames, our clients value how we produce designs that target, convert and engage their audience which ultimately results in increased consumer spend and mindshare.

Sincerity of Presentation

We’ll help map your projects journey from creation to completion, through creative ideas, research and client collaboration and work to ensure the clients have the right message engaging their customers at the right time.

Meet our team

We are a team of creative professionals working together, with you, to
turn your ideas into an adventure.

Heather Bauer Profile Image

Heather Bauer

CEO/Creative Director

Heather is the lifeblood of the business overseeing all our projects and keeping things running smoothly. She has over 20 years of branding and design experience which includes Disney, Microsoft, Nike, the NBA and many more.

Neal Bauer Profile Image

Neal Bauer

President/King Awesome

Trained under the legendary Warner Brother’s artist, Chuck Jones, Neal is an ex-2D-animator that turned towards the Darkside (sales and marketing) and now focuses exclusively on console wars, client acquisition and strategic partnerships.
Melanie Crandell Profile Image

Melanie Crandell


Melanie comes to Bauer Graphics after designing for Hollywood Entertainment and Game Crazy. She’s done more game manuals, gift cards and print advertisements than any other designer we’ve ever met and makes a mean stuffed bear to boot.
Anthony Ernst Profile Image

Anthony Ernst

Entertainment/Pop Culture Specialist

Anthony is a veritable machine when it comes to organization and project orchestration. On top of that OCD-skill-set, he’s got a penchant for identifying obscure import titles, extreme bullet-hell shooters and subtle nuances in 2D fighting games.