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Get a Good Night’s Sleep – Every Night

I am one of an estimated 75 million people in this country that have problems falling asleep, staying asleep or getting enough sleep. With kids and an older, incontinent dog, I can’t even remember what it feels like to get a good night’s sleep. After searching the internet for the better part of three months it appears that I am not alone in this dilemma.

There have been numerous studies that have shown that getting... Read more »

Absolutely Useful Web Apps For People Who Run Business

This is one of the very best list of its kind where you can find incredibly amazing and Absolutely Useful (Yet Free) Web Apps For Business People.  These would be great enough to bookmark or just for get in your knowledge. I hope everyone of you will like this list. This is absolutely helpful for business owners, entrepreneurs, office workers, managers, designers, web designers, developers etc. Just take a look at them and share your... Read more »

Gender Disparities in the Design Field

Walk into any design classroom, at any college in America, and you’ll see a comfortable mix of male and female students. Turn your attention to the front of the classroom, or down the hall to the faculty and staff offices, and that wonderful gender balance starts to skew. Travel outside the campus, and there’s really no balance at all.

But why? If there are... Read more »

Web Designers vs. Web Developers (Infographic)

Let’s be honest. Being a web developer or a web designer doesn’t exactly give you an edge with the pretty girls (or guys) at your local pickup bar. If you were a part-time firefighter or investment banker, maybe. Nevertheless, the feud continues between web designers and web developers over which profession is the true calling. Like the yin and yang, these two are in constant battle to prove their dominance over the... Read more »

25 Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Abstract backgrounds are very common in web design and for other purposes like poster and wallpaper design. Photoshop provides plenty of potential for designing amazing abstract backgrounds, and in this post we’ll showcase 25 tutorials that show how it can be done.

Create Abstract Colorful Balls Illustrations in Photoshop CS5

How to Create Abstract Colorful Background with Bokeh Effect in Photoshop

Blend Tool Backgrounds (video)

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Elecom Actrail headphone removes wire clutter from your iPod Shuffle

Portable music players may let you enjoy music on the go, but the disorderly headphones cable suspending all over the body just messes up the tidiness. Providing a solution, Elecom has developed wireless headphones, named the “Actrail,” for the iPod Shuffle to offer clutter-free music to the listeners anywhere, anytime. Integrating a 3.5mm jack on the side to keep the Shuffle in place, the Bluetooth headphones replace the regular over-the-head band with the dorky... Read more »

60+ Fresh Single Page Website Designs for Design Inspiration

Throughout history, great artists always found new ways to show their creativity to express themselves and create new trends and techniques to remark their work apart from the rest of the crowd. The Definition of design is more critical in modern terms as now design is a way of communication; and, more specifically, Web design is a well define platform for content. There is no “Good” and “Bad” in design. It always define as a... Read more »

Trying to predict the future…

…is a discouraging and hazardous occupation.

Like a majority of the earth’s population, I am a big fan of the machinations of Mr. Arthur C. Clarke and his writings. He is considered one of the greatest science fiction writers of the 20th century and he also had a penchant for predicting the future with some high level of competency. While many of his predictions seem outlandish his thoughts on telecommunication were remarkably prescient.

Case in... Read more »