How to Manage Client Relationships in Perilous Times

Our resident Traffic Manager and Twitter-er, Tori sent us this fantastic article from Advertising Age this morning called, “How to Manage Client Relationships in Perilous Times.”

No! No! No! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

The article deals with thinning profit margins and their direct correlation to patience. When people fear for their jobs, they can quickly forget the true value of the relationships they have with those that serve them. While we haven’t... Read more »

1976: The year I had swine flu, the chicken pox and the FONZ!

Things were so much simpler…and scarier then.

In 1976 was the same age my daughter is now (to all you algebra majors out there, this means “NEAL = OLD”). While this commercial would scare the my kids to death, it is no scarier than them seeing 800 promos on PBS for the looming global pandemic in between shows like Word Girl and Martha Speaks.

So, I had them take a test to see if... Read more »

We’ve got that “New Blog Scent!”

Welcome to the re-launch of the BG Lounge; a collection of news, tips, tricks, thoughts, ideas, offers and incentives to share some of our observations and bring a bit more of a voice to Bauer Graphics.

For many of you, this might be old news, but for our new readers, It is our sincerest hope that you can find some usefulness in our ranting.


Found Treasure

While going through the garage this last weekend, I came across this gem:

I remember having that cutout on my dorm fridge in my freshman year. From there it went above my art desk, in my first painting studio and it came with me all the way across the country on the dashboard of my powder-blue Taurus. It was on my computer at Kinko’s when I was a desktop publisher and at my desk at... Read more »