Inc. Magazine interviews Bauer Graphics CEO, Heather Bauer

In the summer of 2016, Bauer Graphics was approached by Inc. Magazine to do a piece on how our Bauer Graphics’ design studio is currently leveraging technology to support our clients and streamline our internal processes.

Our CEO and Creative Director, Heather Bauer, took point during this interview and shared that, “Technology is what drives our entire process.  Along with staying on top of multiple creative suite programs for design and digital work, our technology solutions allow... Read more »

…and the Awards Rained Like Donuts

“Look, it’s raining again.”

Over our 11 year history, Bauer Graphics has received it’s share of peer related accolades which include a handful of gold embossed certificates, a hearty collection of ‘pats on the back’ and countless recognition in “Best of [insert your city here] Awards for Graphic Design” emails. This year, however, we were taken aback by the cavalcade of awards that have come through the Bauer Graphics based on nominations from our partners... Read more »

Bauer Graphics’ Wings Hit the Road (Bridge of the Goddess half-marathon)

The Bridge of the Goddess half-marathon is a race that starts on the center of the Bridge of the Gods in beautiful Cascade Locks, Oregon on the banks of the Columbia River. There’s nothing else like it which is why Nike chose to design a special edition of the new Pegasus 31 running shoe just for the event.

Oh, and, did you happen to see those wings that adorn this shoe? Well, those “Goddess... Read more »

Neil Brown (HOW Magazine) with 6 suggestions on staying relevant

Creativity is like karate: without the constant applied heat of input or fuel, our creativity cools and reactions to our work go from “Wow!” to “Mmm, nice.”

– Neil Brown – Creative Director

Last week’s HOW Magazine newsletter came along with a piece from Neil Brown that talked about how easily your creative muscle can atrophy when working in the in-house creative environment. When restricted to working with the same quick turn set... Read more »

Sucker Punch Dips into the Printer Archives for Great Effect

inFAMOUS Second Son features some truly unique, graffiti-based cutscenes. Here’s a look at how Sucker Punch Studios made one of these scenes for the neon conduit, Fetch.

What I like most about this clip is that, while inFAMOUS Second Son is a truly cutting edge video game, Sucker Punch designers have opted to use an extremely “low tech” solution for these cutscenes that really goes along with the narrative of the game.

... Read more »

Royal Mail celebrates Graphic Designer, Abram Games

Abram Games (July 29, 1914 – August 27, 1996) was born the same year as Paul Rand and died the same year too. (August 15, 1914 – November 26, 1996). Now he is commemorated in a stamp issued by the Royal Mail.

Royal Mail celebrates a selection of remarkable individuals from the realms of sport, design, economics, heroism and the arts with the ‘Remarkable Lives’ stamp issue. Completing the issue is pioneering graphic designer... Read more »

A Cheat Sheet on How to Work with Designers

“A lot of what designers value and strive for in their work is hard to measure.”

says Julie Zhuo in an article that released last fall over at and we fervently, unabashedly agree.  A designer’s goal is a quality experience, to better the product/service/client and not just by pretty-ing up the place but by engaging the user throughout their entire experience.  It’s also not... Read more »

So you want to be a designer…

As a design studio in a highly creative town (Portland, Oregon USA), we get a lot of emails and personal correspondence from people asking what it takes to get started in the field of graphic design. Questions range from “what books should I be reading” to “what are some of the best schools for design” to “can I has job?”. Our response to these hails are generally the same so we’ve decided to create a... Read more »

What is your website saying about your brand?

Jon Gelberg of Blue Fountain Media, recently wrote an article for that how going with a template based web option might be good for the short term, but over the long haul it cheapens your brand and makes you look like you don’t take your marketing and messaging seriously.

The crux of the article was that a website goes beyond just ‘setting and forgetting’ and no matter what solution you come up with... Read more »

Destination PlayStation

Here we are at the 11th annual Destination PlayStation event, hosted by Sony Computer Entertainment America.

We are in the picturesque Sonoran Desert but it is a bit colder than you would expect. I’m not complaining as this desert could do with some rain and, plus, it makes walking the floor at the expo a little less muggy.

We are here for a week’s worth of meetings and planning for the next phase... Read more »