What does your phone number spell?

Enter a 6 to 10 digit phone number and PhoneSpell® will show you what words and phrases that phone number spells. Opening a business and need a new phone number? Pick a new 7 or 8 digit phone number by typing in an available exchange (first 3 to 5 digits) and see what one-word numbers you can choose from.

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The Death Clock

“While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die.”

— Leonardo Da Vinci

Ever wanted to know how long you have left on this world? The Death Clock will remind you just how short life is.

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Help syndicate these Howtoons

Howtoons are one-page cartoons showing 5-to-15 year-old kids “How To” build things. Each illustrated episode is a stand-alone fun adventure accessible to all, including the pre-literate. Our Howtoons are designed to encourage children to be active participants in discovering the world through Play-that-Matters — fun, creative, and inventive — and to rely a lot less on mass-consumable entertainment.

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What the Font?

Ever wanted to find a font just like the one used by certain publications, corporations, or ad campaigns? Well now you can, using our WhatTheFont font recognition system. If WhatTheFont can’t figure it out, you can submit your image to the WhatTheFont Forum where cloak-draped font enthusiasts around the world will help you out!

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