Neil Brown (HOW Magazine) with 6 suggestions on staying relevant

Creativity is like karate: without the constant applied heat of input or fuel, our creativity cools and reactions to our work go from “Wow!” to “Mmm, nice.”

– Neil Brown – Creative Director

Last week’s HOW Magazine newsletter came along with a piece from Neil Brown that talked about how easily your creative muscle can atrophy when working in the in-house creative environment. When restricted to working with the same quick turn set... Read more »

Sucker Punch Dips into the Printer Archives for Great Effect

inFAMOUS Second Son features some truly unique, graffiti-based cutscenes. Here’s a look at how Sucker Punch Studios made one of these scenes for the neon conduit, Fetch.

What I like most about this clip is that, while inFAMOUS Second Son is a truly cutting edge video game, Sucker Punch designers have opted to use an extremely “low tech” solution for these cutscenes that really goes along with the narrative of the game.

... Read more »