1977 Retro Atari Game Box

Three weeks before the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Bauer Graphics was asked by Amazon.com’s Digital Video Game team to prepare a presentation showing our experience in designing for a video games audience. We started putting together an interactive Keynote but then thought, “how many times do you get the chance to pitch at Amazon?”.

Something special had to be done and what better way to pay tribute to video games than to build out a package that puts us back on the ground floor of the cartridge based era. Our concept was to create a retro console game box and insert instruction manual conveyed our experience and understanding in games as well in a playful and recognizable format.

The box was constructed to look like the original Atari 2600 packaging with big, bold colors along with hand drawn artwork. Inside the box was a staple-bound capabilities document which were modeled after the ‘game catalogs’ that regularly came packaged alongside these games at the dawn of console gaming. The final piece in this box was a faux-cartridge that contained buttons, business cards, stickers and a USB drive with our latest digital design reel.

Because we only had three weeks, our team had to move fast, work late and call in some massive favors from our vendors. The timeline was so tight that our team was assembling these promo packs on the Light Rail on the way to PAX to have everything ready to hand out on day one of the event.

In the end, the feedback from the team at Amazon was fantastic and they wound up sharing our package design with other partners at the show.