8,000+ hits for $40 on Fark.com

Mission: To find alternative ways to drive traffic to a website
Cost to develop: $40 
Why: Marketing experiment
Result:  After posting an ad on FARK, the community blog traffic to NealBauer.com grew 8-fold (octupled) in a week.  As a bonus, after attaching the ad to a short article on the site I found that the time people spent on the blog grew from an average of 5 seconds to an average of 10 seconds.  From those metrics this doubling of “time spent on site” was due to people actually spending time to read the content I had posted (which is why you direct people to a blog).  Time and again, I have gone back to this method of promotion, with mixed results.  However there is no denying that this form of advertising can help drive some instant traffic to your online offerings.