Gift Card Rebranding Initiative

Amazon has a long history of delivering marketing-communication programs that directly benefit the customer without spending money on traditional advertising, Bauer Graphics was brought in to assist in the rebranding and reinventing of their gift card program that would engage customers at retail as well as carry the brand at retail.

We approached the project like we would a traditional ad campaign building out “MadMen” style hand-drawn comps. We challenged our artists to tell stories about birthdays, holidays and special events and the designs that came back were all stand out, but we still needed a cohesive theme to bring them all together. Our final proposal had brought each idea together in one cohesive campaign entitled “What Daydreams are Made Of”.

The gift card rebranding project encompassed the new campaign and a packaging treatment for their existing cards. The above design shows a card carrier that was an extension of the Amazon shipping boxes that arrive on your doorstep. Extending their shipping box concept into the gift card program provided Amazon a way to extend their brand into retail space.