Armikrog Kickstarter

We absolutely HAD to share this good fortune with the ++Good Games community as it’s probably the biggest thing wem have ever done at in our three+ year history.

During E3, the ++Good Games crew met with a company called Pencil Test Studios who had been working for over two weeks to fund a Kickstarter.  The team at Pencil Test Studios are the guys that brought us titles like Aladdin, Cool Spot and Earthworm Jim during the SNES/Genesis days and The Neverhood, Skullmonkeys, Boombots and others in the PC/Playstation days.  They were at E3 looking to Kickstart a new project called Armikrog, which had an initial infusion of Kickstarter capital in their first few days, however funding stalled out about 8 days in at just about half their goal:

++Good Games offered their assistance and Mr. James Bacon agreed to head to their studios the week following E3 for an on site interview of Mike Dietz and Ed Schofield regarding the Armikrog project.   We posted the first part of this interview on June 20th and the second part on June 21st.  That interview appeared to drive additional awareness towards this Kickstarter and helped to double the daily contributions for Armikrog.  We then recorded a podcast with the Pencil Test team on June 23rd (which posted to Stitcher, iTunes and Mevio on the 24th) which helped cause a sizable ‘attention spike’ to their campaign.  From there we worked with the Pencil Test community to get the Armikrog Kickstarter message out using several news aggregate sites the results of which are shown below:

We continued to manage the forum conversations and the aggregate site coverage to ensure any questions contributors had were answered and, with 16 hours left in the campaign, watched Armikrog reach it’s funding goal of $900,000.  Double Plus Good Games then took time out to celebrate with gamers and Pencil Test Studios in knowing a spiritual successor to titles like Skullmonkeys and The Neverhood would be in our hands (or on our computers) in 2014.

When the Kickstarter project was still winding down, the ++Good Games team received the following feedback from the artists at Pencil Test Studios:

“I checked our analytics and 48.375% of our pledges were direct click-thru’s from some site called ++ Good Games…” – Mike Dietz

“Thanks to you for the generous coverage you gave us this past week. But I’m pretty sure it was the podcast that launched us into the stratosphere! 😀” – Ed Schofield

We are absolutely going to make a case study out of this endeavor and now have new relationships that can help us spread the word about these kinds of projects (Kickstarter and otherwise).