Gift Cards

For the past five years Bauer Graphics has had the privilege of working alongside Nike to develop their international gift card program. From the earliest of designs, Nike has constantly and consistently pushed the envelope of gift card design innovation allowing us to work with different substrates, vendors and partners. We’ve developed more than 100 unique and memorable gift card designs for Nike that have included Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Pete Sampras, Michael Jordan and many other stellar Nike athletes. Our cards have even been brought along with Phil Knight during his appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show.

With more than 10 years of gift card development, and with our understanding of the standards and practices put forth by the RGCA (Retail Gift Card Association), we’re a full service gift card design agency ready to take your Gift Card programs to the next level.

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We worked on

DESIGN All Nike Gift Cards produced from 2008-2013
DEVELOPMENT We’ve designed everything from the face of these cards to the campaigns, packaging and presentation at the store level.