++Good Games Podcast

“…the best podcast about videogames on iTunes” – iTunes Podcast Review

This ever-expanding games industry shows no signs of slowing down. New gamers are coming onboard every day and older gamers are spreading the gamer-demographic across five (or more) decades. With iPhones, 3DS and downloadable games lowering the barrier for entry into this pastime, we are absolutely in a Golden Age of gaming. There is a need, desire and want for open discourse and expanded conversation surrounding games today. ++Good Games is championing this dialogue and from what we’ve seen and heard from our listeners, it’s working.

++Good (Double Plus Good) Games started as a dialog between a group of ex-game journalists, ex-game developers and ex-game retail employees. The original goal of the show was to get approximately 25,000 downloads (the same number that we had built Game Crazy’s podcast) and then see where we could take it from there.

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to 25,000…

  • Ranked in the Top 10 of iTunes’ “New & Noteworthy” section for Video Games
  • Over 370GB of ++Good Games podcasts downloaded in March (avg. podcast size 25MB)
  • More than 100 episodes including interviews with writers and developers including Double Fine, Atlus, GameFAN, XSeed, Aksys, OXM plus upcoming interviews with Namco, Disney, Sony and more
  • Show picked up by Stitcher Radio now featured in Ford, BMW, Chevy and Mini line of vehicles