The BG Lounge

Mission: To promote the culture and ideology of Bauer Graphics Inc.
Cost to develop: $1040 (Two days of developer time @ $65/hr)
Cost to maintain: $35 (one hour a week of copywriter time @ $35/hr)
Why: As Bauer Graphics goes through a site redesign, the creative director (Heather) opted to open up the internal Bauer Graphics blog to clients and the design community.  This is a collection of stories, news, tips, tricks, thoughts and ideas that help to share team observations and bring a voice to Bauer Graphics.
Result:  The result has allowed the creative team to bump back the launch of their site redesign while allowing regular content to be updated on the site.  This keeps Bauer Graphics’ content offerings relevant and keeps Google, MSN, Yahoo and other search engines from thinking the site has gone ‘ghost town.’  In addition, by offering visibility of the blog, clients can see what the team has been talking about for the past five years.  With so many design companies closing up shop, this provides our vendors with some degree of confidence in BGI’s stability.  After the new site launches, the blog will remain a prevalent link in the navigation.